Paradise Found: Nymian Royal Academy Varsity Raiders Take on Eden

This is Headmistress Kela on behalf of the Royal Academy, greetings!

Firstly, it is my greatest pleasure to announce the successful launch of an unprecedented and ambitious effort. The Nymian Royal Academy is fronting twin Varsity Raiding Static Teams. Both will be working in parallel and sometimes in concert to challenge the new Savage raids released as of patch 5.05 in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Eden’s Gate.

The teams were selected via search heuristic script, which optimized two teams based on schedule availability overlap and job composition. The roster is as follows:

Team Cloak

Sukutak Amasawa DRK
Mana Akagane GNB
F’yo Tia WHM
Seavie Wonder AST
Ponyo Amasawa DRG
Kekechuri Hohochuri MNK
Maximillion Lionheart BRD
Ghen Nebul SMN
Team Dagger

Nadezhda Krjs DRK
Ricola Tesla GNB
C’rhys Tia WHM
Kekela Kela SCH
Kaido Asakura SAM
Unther Nadjasch MNK
Mika Tesla DNC
Validus Sol RDM

All sixteen raiders of Nymian Royal Academy: Cloak+ Dagger can be seen here in Eden’s Core, getting ready to launch the 5.0 raiding season on their first joint raiding day Thursday August 1st:

In addition to the exciting news that we have a whole company of endgame raiders, we are thrilled to announce that both groups achieved week 1 clears of Eden’s Gate: Resurrection (Savage). Here is a gallery of related images:

An honorable mention to Solidus Obscura and Nico Rin who have progessed Eden independently of the Free Company and achieved clears with other groups this week.

Congratulations to our raiders and please stay tuned: these raiders will be teaching E1s to our breakout raiding population during Junior Varsity Raid this Monday.

Here follow logs:
Cloak Clear
Dagger Clear
All FC Rankings

Not a Catastrophe: Omega V2 Savage Clear

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the Stabbies first Omega V2 Savage clear was a thing of beauty. Only one pull was needed to put Catastrophe in his place, as the team was almost perfectly in sync. Mechanics that had been tricky in the past were handled with ease and the DPS brought their A-game, downing the giant eyeball of doom about 20 seconds before enrage.

Raid Team consisted of:
Tanks Sukutak and Jellysaurus (Warrior and Dark Knight)
Healers Kela and Celaena (Scholar and Astrologian)
DPS Apollo, Justin Moonsbane, Nikko, and PUG member Shaba (Bard, Monk, Red Mage, Samurai)

The brave adventurers were handsomely rewarded for their work; Justin picked up both the maiming and scouting drops, while Kela added the tomestone drops to her collection (like a book-loving Scholar does).

Check out the video below to witness the epic clear!

Fun Numbers!