Professors are volunteering members of the Nymian Royal Academy and either provide services, create content, or run events. Here is the roster of current professors and what services to the Free Company they render.

To become a Professor, contact Headmistress Silva via Discord or via email at xivacademy@gmail.com

Headmistress Silva Cataracta

Fearless Leader and Treasure Map Hunter

Professor Kekechuri Hohochuri

Social Media/Meme Master

Professor Mana Akagane

Resident Extreme Raid and Primal Master

Professor Mika Tesla

Normal Raid Lead and Adorable Bundle of Cute

Professor Ricola Tesla

Normal Raid Lead and Screenshot Genius

Adjunct Bjrn Borg

Workshop Overlord

Adjunct Ponyo Amasawa

Maintains Website Content

Adjunct Sukutak Amasawa

Pays Our (Website) Sub


Our Chairs and Deans are our subject-matter experts in their jobs and roles. Their responsibilities include contributing to our role/class guides on our website, answering questions pertaining to play on our Discord @questions_and_requests channel, and meeting with members for personalized lessons on job mechanics/nuance in game and with the assistance of voice chat. They can help in all matters great and small, from something as general what the overall goal/contribution of the class is to specifics about how to optimize DPS while working a particular mechanic. Where our Professors teach content, our Chairs and Deans teach jobs.

College of Fending
Department of the Oathsworn
Department of Ferocity
Department of Dark Arts 
College of Healing
Department of Conjury
Department of Nymian Arcanima
Department of Arcana 
College of Slaying
Department of Bushido
Deptartment of Ninjustu
Department of Aestheticism
Department of the Dragonsong 
College of Aiming
Department of Lore 
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
College of Casting
Department of Thaumaturgy
Department of Allagan Arcanima
Department of Crimson Dueling 

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please be advised that someone with this level of expertise must demonstrate practical knowledge of raiding. We use our FC FFLogs Ranking page to determine who is qualified. Applicants must have cleared the second floor of the most recent raid (in even patches, the prior tier; in odd patches the current tier), and have at least one 50% or higher damage inflicted parse for the job they are pursuing.

For those interested but do not see their name on the FC rankings page, take these two simple steps to rectify the oversight:

  1. Create a FFLogs account by following these simple instructions, about 5 minutes
  2. With FFLogs open and logged in in a background browser, click here to join our FC roster.

If you’ve met the standards for Chair and/or Dean and would like to become one, please contact Headmistress Silva via Discord or via email at xivacademy@gmail.com.

Here follows the list of Chairs and Deans, hover for their names, jobs and their discord contact information such that you may reach out to them with questions.