Upon joining, you will be awarded the rank of Associate, and the amenities of the FC will be yours to enjoy such as making a private room, use of the gardens and airship, and attendance at club meetings.  Welcome to the FC!

Once you have a class or job at level cap, you are awarded the rank of Baccalaureate.  The honorary title of Captain is given to those who have cleared the fourth floor of the relevant savage raiding tier (in even patches, from last raid; in odd patches, from the current raid).  There is often a congratulatory rank of Doctorate given to those who place in the top 500 credit earning players on Brynhildr. We want to honor our top players since credits helps our FC move up in the FC rankings!

Faculty members represent the FC leadership and have some extra permissions such as the ability to purchase and activate FC buffs and use the first page of the chest.  You are awarded the title of Adjunct by volunteering to help the FC with Clubs or other content organization and maintenance. An Adjunct should also qualify for the Baccalaureate rank. A Professor is an honorary title given to an Adjunct who has also been awarded the Captain rank. 

The Headmistress/master is the current FC leader.  This person is chosen based on Faculty vote. The HM supervises the FC by overseeing Club scheduling, managing Faculty, and mediating projects that require large amounts of funds (such as relocating the FC house, if that is ever desired by the community).  The Faculty and HM will check in with each other at every patch release to see if the HM wishes to continue in their current function or if a new HM needs to be chosen by democratic vote.

If you choose to step away from the game for some time, don’t worry!  We always say that real life is more important than game life, and we have the Alumnus rank to accommodate this, which is given to players automatically after 45 days of inactivity.  Your previous rank is restored once you come back to the game.