The Nymian Royal Academy is dedicated to maintaining a comfortable, friendly, and professional environment.  As such, the following rules are primarily about courtesy towards your fellow members.

There are no activity, experience, or progress requirements as part of the Royal Academy.  You are free to play as much or as little as you want, and your place in the Academy is guaranteed provided the following guidelines are respected.

These rules encompass all behavior in the in-game /fc chat and in the Discord text and voice channels.

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated!
  • Excessive and/or hostile profanity is prohibited.
  • Lewd comments or images are prohibited.
  • Negative comments pertaining to race, religion, sex, gender, country of origin, age, or other protected classes are prohibited.
  • Harassment for content runs or in-game currency is prohibited.
  • Requesting real-life monetary or material assistance is prohibited.
  • Harassing, hazing, trolling, or stalking of other players is prohibited.
  • Everyone’s viewpoint needs to be respected; even if you disagree, please do so respectfully in a way meant to instruct, not to belittle.  Toxic elitism regarding one’s own skill or other people’s skills is prohibited.  Everyone has room to improve – leave your ego at the door.
  • While in voice chat, please respect requests “to keep the comms clear,” particularly if high-level content is being run and call-outs need to be heard.
  • If you are able to do so, we recommend using push-to-talk for voice channels.

We strive to not be punitive with our members when at all possible.  However, in order to keep a healthy, non-toxic, and safe environment for our members to learn and thrive, the Faculty reserves the right to take action against members up to and including removal from the FC.  If these guidelines are repeatedly or egregiously broken, it will provoke a Faculty review of the individual’s behavior.  A unanimous consensus of the faculty will result in action.  Actions cannot be appealed – it is important to be aware of and comply with the rules as stated above. At the time of membership it is assumed these guidelines have been read and agreed to, and members consent to be held accountable to these standards.

Anyone is able to invite people to the FC, but we request that you do not blindly invite people!  We always want people to feel welcome to the Royal Academy, so please do your best to start a conversation first!

The crafting stations, chocobo stables, striking dummies, and vendors are all free to use.  Personal room creation is also open to all members.

Credits are free to use for FC-communal purposes and may potentially be used for personal items by request.

You may contribute to company crafting projects in the workshop.  You may use an airship/sub if it is not in use; please do not recall airships/subs.  For efficiency, all four airship/subs should be out at the same time so please consider checking in the #crafting-gathering Discord channel if you would like to get involved with airships/subs.

Flowerbeds are free to use if not already in use.  Do not remove or harvest plants that are not yours.  If needed, use the Discord channel #questions_and_requests to ask a bed be left vacant for your use.

The Company Chest has several pages.  Page 1 and Page 2 are locked to Faculty use and are where expensive materials, crafting projects, raid food, and potions are placed.  Ask a Faculty member to remove something that was made for you from Page 1 or Page 2 of the chest, if needed.  Pages 3-5 are open.  They often have minions or uniforms stored there.

Gil is deposit only.  Donations are used to fund contests/promotional rewards and FC housing projects.  We greatly appreciate your assistance with our FC projects!