The Nymian Royal Academy is dedicated to fostering a friendly and professional environment, but we also want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and free to enjoy and have fun. As such, the following rules are mainly about courtesy, common-sense, and being considerate to your fellow members and teammates.

The Royal Academy does not impose activity, experience, progress or talent/merit requirements to retain membership. People who join the free company do not have to earn or maintain their membership: we recruit all people and once you join your spot is guaranteed provided the following guidelines are respected.

Text Channels (In-game Free Company /fc Chat and our Discord Server)

  • Excessive or hostile profanity is prohibited.
  • Lewd comments or images are prohibited.
  • Negative comments pertaining to race, religion, sex, gender, country of origin, age or other protected classes are prohibited.
  • Requesting in-game currency from other members is prohibited.
  • Harassment for content is prohibited: please limit your requests for group content to one request. We try to always be able to help but it’s not always possible and in those cases we ask for your understanding.
  • Begging for real-life monetary or material assistance is prohibited.
  • Harassing, hazing, trolling or stalking of other players is prohibited.
  • Scathing or dismissive attitude toward other members and their contributions is prohibited. Everyone’s viewpoint needs to be respected – even if you disagree, do so respectfully in a way meant to instruct, not to belittle. No mockery, no unironic sarcasm, and no negativity directed at other members.
  • Attitudes of entitlement toward leadership and mentorship are strictly prohibited: leaders and mentors are selected by demonstrated merit during their FC tenure only.
  • Toxic elitism regarding one’s own skill, other people’s skills, humble-bragging is prohibited. Everyone always has room to improve, leave your ego at the door.
  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Voice Channels (Discord)

  • Do not spam chat, allow for contributions from everyone.
  • Respect requests “to keep the comms clear” ie be silent when the raid leads need to use comm lines for callouts.
  • Above rules regarding profanity, lewdness, harassment and bigotry apply.
  • Please use push-to-talk if your microphone is sensitive enough to pick up on breathing, chewing, drinking, or if your speakers are open to your mic to prevent feedback.

Extreme, Savage and Static Content

This is content for the few and the most dedicated, so standards for behavior during participation are naturally a little higher: we recommend that players seeking positions on our static teams consider emulating the following “attitudes”

  1. Show up to raid prepared:
    1. Have the instance unlocked.
    2. Appropriate level gear equipped, melded and repaired.
    3. Have raid food and potions in your inventory.
    4. Be five minutes early to on time.
    5. Have Discord open and be in the channel with your raid group, make sure your audio is functioning.
    6. Bring a clear head – drink, meme and be distracted outside of raid hours.
    7. Know your ideal damage rotation in advance and have practiced it; clear the Stone, Sky, Sea dummy for the fight if applicable.
  2. Bring a great attitude:
    1. Accommodate any of your teammates’ requests to the best of your ability.
    2. Worry about your own performance; addressing performance issues is the raid leadership’s job – let them do it.
    3. Once you clear a mechanic, memorize what you did to be successful and do your best to repeat it every time; improve your mechanical consistency.
    4. Once you clear, try to always be improving your own number: grey to green, green to blue, blue to purple. Aim to get a higher number every clear – forgive yourself if you don’t always succeed!
    5. If you are ever struggling with a concept, either mechanically or rotationally, speak up to your teammates and get the clarity you need to improve.

Company Resources

  1. Credits: free to use for FC-communal purposes, on request for personal items.
  2. Invitations: open, no blind invites.
  3. Chocobo Stables: free to use
  4. Striking Dummies: free to use
  5. Vendors: free to use
  6. Crafting stations: free to use
  7. Personal room creation: open
  8. Contribution to company projects: open
  9. Airship missions: free to use if airship is not already in use. Do not recall airships.
  10. Flowerbeds: free to use if not already in use. Do not remove or harvest plants you did not plant. If they are too busy, use the discord channel for #questions_and_requests to request a bed be left vacant for your use.
  11. Library funishing: permissions locked to Headmaster/Headmistress to prevent griefing. Any suggestions or ideas will be incorporated to the best of our ability, use the #housing channel.
  12. Company Chest:
    1. Page 1: Locked to professors for expensive materials, crafting projects, raid food and potions. Make a request to a professor or adjunct to remove something that was made for you.
    2. Page 2: open
    3. Page 3: open
    4. Gil: deposit only. Donations are used to fund contests/promotional rewards and FC housing projects.

Disciplinary Measures

At the Nymian Royal Academy, we strive to not be punitive with our members when at all possible: however in order to keep a healthy non-toxic and safe environment for our members to learn and thrive, we (the faculty) reserve the right to take action against members up to and including removal from the FC.

If these guidelines are repeatedly or egregiously broken, it will provoke a faculty review of the individual’s historical behavior. A unanimous consensus of the faculty will result in action. Actions cannot be appealed: it is important to be proactive about knowing and complying with our rules.

At the time of membership it is assumed these guidelines have been read and agreed to, and members consent to be held accountable to these standards.