The FC was founded by Kekela Kela on February 7, 2016.  The name of the Nymian Royal Academy is tied strongly to the lore of the scholar job and the ancient monarchical civilization of Nym.  We wanted to focus on helping each other and sharing our game knowledge, so an academy setting best fit the bill. Plus, we wanted to have a cute tonberry mascot!  The company tag <Doink> comes from the sound effect associated with a tonberry’s knife attack.

Although the in-game company crest is simplified, we developed our own more complex crest to show off our Academy pride!  The crown indicates royalty; the lantern and mortarboard represent learning and scholarship; and the knives symbolize strength in battle and a sharp wit.  Members of the Academy obviously excel in all of the above! We even had a little too much fun and drafted a Latin motto like old universities have – Hinc lucem et cultelli roiginosorum – “here, light and rusty knives.”  The inclusion of the adjective “rusty” pays homage to the FC’s original founding name, the Rusty Knives.

Fancy Crest

In keeping with our school theme, uniforms are a fun but optional outfit we designed to use for certain functions such as recruitment events or photoshoots.  It fits our tonberry color scheme, alludes gently to a school uniform, and can be worn by any class or job.

Head: Velveteen Beret in Marsh Green

Body: Felt Bilaud in Marsh Green

Hands: Any plain gloves in white, gray, or green

Legs: Patrician’s Bottoms in Marsh Green for female characters and Felt Chausses in Marsh Green for male characters

Feet: Patrician’s Shoes for female characters and Boarskin Thighboots for male characters 

You do need to be at least level 48 for male characters and at least level 50 for females characters to wear the above sets. Original variations on this theme are perfectly acceptable and encouraged!