Static Expectations

End-game content requires additional standards of behavior.  We highly recommend that players seeking positions on our static teams take the following into consideration.

General Expectations:
Bring a good attitude!  We will throw ourselves at the same boss over and over and over; please know going in that we will wipe, and we will wipe often.  
Everyone should put in a solid effort to play well. Particularly for fights we are actively trying to progress, try to stay focused and reasonably serious. Please go into the raid knowing your job’s positionals/mechanics/situational abilities/rotation to the best of your ability.  Please ask for help if you are having difficulty.  Wiping is expected, as long as overall we are improving and working to get better.  

In the past, one of the major issues we had was that some people didn’t take feedback well, to the point where people would no longer try to help them. We don’t require perfection from anyone, but you should be willing to listen to criticism and to try to fix any issues. Logs will be uploaded, and going through them to see what we can improve is encouraged, but feedback should be given in a constructive way and never in a disparaging manner. Again, this isn’t a hardcore group, we just want to try to learn and clear this content, not do perfect speedruns.

Life is more important than killing imaginary monsters. If you’re sick, get better; if you’ve got a family or work thing, pay attention to that instead of to the game.  That said, if you’re missing a significant amount of time, it may be a good idea to step down so that someone more available can have a chance to raid. 

Unless Discord is acting up, it is mandatory to be in the voice channel to listen for callouts/discussion of what can be improved. It is preferable but not mandatory to have a mic to talk with, using push to talk if possible to avoid broadcasting background noises. Jokes/shouting boss quotes/karaoke (in the case of a Ravana-tier song) are allowed as long as you consider proper timing (not in the middle of a mechanic the group is still learning, or one where focus is important). For moments like that, comms should be kept quiet aside from mechanic callouts and immediately important information (“heals needed on x”, “I died so someone needs to cover for me”, etc.). If anyone feels things are too distracting, we will err on the side of being less distracting until everyone has the fight down well enough to go back to normal relaxed comms.
In the past, we’ve used an open discord channel for raid communications. This allows FC members interested in raiding to sit in and listen and get a bit of insight into what raiding is like. This hasn’t been distracting in the past, but if there is ever an issue of people being distracting, a channel has been set up that only allows people with the raider discord tag to join, which we can switch to for privacy.

Food and potions should be used on any fights where a clear is possible but not guaranteed. It’s fine to do the first few pulls of a new fight without them, but while progressing food is expected to be up, and pots to be used if a clear is anticipated. Static members are expected to provide their own food and pots, either by making them, purchasing them, or asking one of the FC crafters very nicely to make some for you (preferably providing mats and tipping).


Weekly Lockout:
Gear your main job first, and try to cap Normal loot and tomestones for the first few weeks unless something comes up. Have some idea of what drops you need for your main based on Balance-recommended/Ariyala lists ahead of time. All drops should go to someone!  Any drops that aren’t usable/needed by the people who main a particular role are up for discussion among anyone who’s trying to gear that role as a sub-job.

Unlocked Loot:
Gear up your main job first, and try to grab loot for sub jobs!

In Conclusion:

  • Show up to raid prepared with the instance unlocked.
  • Have appropriate gear equipped, melded, and repaired.
  • Have raid food and potions in your inventory.
  • Have Discord open and be in the channel with your raid group.
  • Know your ideal damage rotation in advance and have practiced it; clear the Stone, Sky, Sea dummy for the fight if applicable.
  • Once you clear a mechanic, memorize what you did to be successful and do your best to repeat it every time; improve your mechanical consistency.
  • Once you clear, try to always be improving your own number: grey to green, green to blue, blue to purple. Aim to get a higher number every clear – forgive yourself if you don’t always succeed!
  • If you are ever struggling with a concept, either mechanically or rotationally, speak up to your teammates and get the clarity you need to improve.