EX, Savage, & Static

Ravella’s Ravers clearing E12s

Our Royal Academy FC has several ways to facilitate endgame content: Extreme Primal Club, Junior Varsity Raiding, and Varsity Raiding.  

Primal Night Suzaku

Extreme Primal club is a recurring club that runs extreme Primal fights for weapon and mount farming and often runs older Extreme Primals for weapon glam and mount farming.  This club occasionally goes on hiatus during patch lulls and depending on FC engagement/need.  

Junior Varsity Raiding is a pick-up club that helps people get their feet wet with raiding.  Never done a Savage fight before?  Trying to figure out a fight but overwhelmed by Party Finder?  Don’t worry – Junior Varsity is here for you!  A mix of experienced FC raiders and less experienced members will join together to teach and learn usually the first 1-2 Savage fights of the current tier.  This allows you to learn the basics of raiding and current mechanics in a friendly, FC-led environment so that you can get those clears and gain the confidence and knowledge to PUG in Party Finder, if you want to.  Like Extreme Primal Club, this club occasionally goes on hiatus during patch lulls and depending on FC engagement/need.

Garifrit Time

Varsity Raiding is our FC-run static.  This is a static comprised entirely or almost entirely of FC members (priority is given to FC members).  At certain points, we have even been able to host two FC statics!  That said, we have not ever been a hardcore progression static — current static raiding usually is two nights a week for about three hours each night, although this is subject to change.

If you are interested in joining Varsity Raiding, pay close attention to the #raiding channel in Discord where we will assess interest, scheduling, and job availability.