Starting a club is simple, email the Headmistress using this form. Include the type of content you’re interested in running, and a proposed meeting time. Be sure to consider how often you want your club meetings to recur. In addition, if you would like permissions to update the Facebook page (optional), please include your preferred Facebook as well.

After that, you’ll be given permissions to update the Shared Calendar. Add your event, then share with the rest of the Free Company through Social Media. Be sure to mention the meeting time, timezone, and what content you’re hosting. You can find all the relevant links below and on the sidebar.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Calendar: Go to Google Calendars and login with your gmail credentials. Under “My Calendars” select “Royal Academy Calendar”. Then find the date/time you’re interested in and highlight it to create an event. The Calendar and the Upcoming Events sidebar feed will automatically update.
  2. Discord: Make a post sharing event information on the Upcoming Events Text Channel. Be sure to tag interested parties (or @everyone if applicable).
  3. Facebook: If you requested Facebook permissions, you can post a reminder for your event the day of. People who like the Free Company Facebook Page will see your notice.
  4. Twitter: If you choose to issue a reminder/advertise a tweet using a Twitter account, make sure you tag @xivacademy so followers of our FC see it on their feed.

Free Company Calendar