Here is a list of all of our currently available opportunities to run group content together, including a description of what to expect, contact officer should you have questions, and typical times. Be sure to check the calendar for the next upcoming meeting time for more details regarding content specifics. Please be advised that all times are given in Central (GMT -6) time.

If you are interested in running a club for content which is not presently offered, it’s easy to become a club officer. The process and contact information is located on the “Create a Club” page, which can be found in the Clubs sub-menu.

EX Primals Club

Meeting Times: Monday and Thursday
8-11pm CST

Leader: Silva, Ravella, and Friends!

5-8 players, composition may vary, level 50+

Learning, clearing and farming both current and outdated extreme primals for rewards. Make requests for specific fights to leadership in advance of the meeting.


Meeting Times: Tuesday and Wednesday
7-10pm CST

Leader: Silva, Ravella, and Friends!

5-8 players, composition may vary, level 80+

Farming new FATES with FC friends! An easy way to progress the FATE ranks for each new area.

Treasure Maps Club

Meeting Times: Saturdays 8-10pm CST

Leader: Silva Cataracta

1-8 players, no composition imposed, requires level 80 for Zonureskin maps.

Decipher Timeworn Zonureskin Maps and Dig for Treasure, including a chance to enter the instanced Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah! We’re gonna be rich!

Normal/Alliance Raid Club

Meeting Times: First 2 weeks Tuesday
8-11pm CST
Subsequent weeks Thursday
8-11pm CST

Leaders: Silva, Ravella, and Friends!

Normal Raid: 8 players, 2 tanks and healers, 4 dps. Level and ilvl requirements vary

Weekly clear of the Normal version of the next tier of Eden raids.


Alliance Raid: 3 8-player alliances in a 1 tank, 2 healer, 5 dps composition

Weekly clear of the current Alliance raid for weekly gear upgrade tokens and loot drops

Junior Varsity Raid

JV Raid is currently in the planning stages. Please fill out the survey pinned in the Raiding channel in our Discord to express interest in JV or Static Raiding