Incoming Faculty: Liavelle Sailmet

Just a quick announcement that we are adding a new member to our leadership team: Liavelle Sailmet. Formerly of the Void Hounds, we are happy to incorporate Liavelle into our organizational structure so as to get some valuable insight from our VH friends who recently joined us.

Liavelle, while being a prolific member of the FFXIV community and participating in most content avidly, will have two volunteering specialties with the Free Company. First, Liavelle will be our dedicated consumable supplier for our progression raid team, and any future progression teams that may form. Our Varsity team is thrilled to welcome her services: we are broke as hell from food and potions!

In addition, for the time being Liavelle will be our go-to roleplaying event/scene coordinator. We have recently incorporated many members who made in-character content one of their passions in Eorzea. To better serve them Lia will be announcing periodic in-character scenarios that our members can opt-into, and several other players from outside the FC in the Lorekeepers RP linkshell will also be present. These events are great opportunities to interface with the greater Brynhildr population, as well as giving us fun, casual, no-stress event outlets.¬† The first event was held last Saturday, the theme was Campfire Stories. Five or six Stabbies were in attendance, and we met a few other players outside the FC for a relaxing night of casual improvised conversing and emoting. Please watch for the next events via Discord #rp channel or the FC Calendar, as they don’t have a regularly scheduled meeting time.

Thank you again, Stabbies. Every time we get an new professor I am reminded that when we have lots of hands on deck, we are able to offer so many opportunities to our members.

With gratitude,
Headmistress Kela

Deck the Study Hall: The Starlight Formal Rousing Success!

Sunday night’s Formal Dance hosted for the whole of Brynhildr server was largely a success, featuring close to one hundred participants from both the Nymian Royal Academy, and outside the free company.

The night started with our White Elephant gift exchange. While the rules were confusing at first and some parties had difficulty and confusion, the vast majority of participants exchanged gifts with gusto. Many participants were especially generous, although no restrictions were imposed and gag gifts were allowed, my personal party offered an Emperor’s Throne, a Quaintrelle Ruffled Dress, and Adventerer’s Sweater, and a Glacial Coat just to name a few! FC leadership reflected on the confusing elements and next time we host a gift exchange improvements will be made to ensure that each and every party has a satisfying experience.

Professor Shishido Misido also got his Curry which was promised him in exchange for the lesson of the night before, so that was awesome.

Headmistress Kela set up a playlist in advance so there would be no orchestrion snafus


After the exchange, we turned up the music and had a dance. We had a few orchestral, ballroom style songs but before we knew it everyone had turned up the music and was bouncing around with glowsticks in an amazing raid setting. Headmistress Kela ran around frantically launching fireworks and trading people random prizes all night long!


Following the rave ambient music was played on the orchestrion and the lights were turned down low so our live performers could serenade us with songs from the game – and ONLY songs from the game, I don’t know what you heard but it was all from the FFXIV soundtrack.


A huge thank you to the Brynhildr community that all showed up. I hope you all had as much fun as I did and I am looking forward to hosting more community events on behalf of the Nymian Royal Academy!

Headmistress Kela



The Nymian Royal Academy hosts First Annual Starlight Formal

Hello Brynhildr, Headmistress Kela here on behalf of the Royal Academy. We would like to cordially extend an invitation to you to join us for our Starlight Formal Ball.

The event will take place at 6:30pm Pacific Time on Sunday, December 16th in game at Shirogane ward 12, plot 7 the Royal Academy Libratorium.

The first part of the event will be a White Elephant in-game gift exchange. There are NO RESTRICTIONS on gifts brought for exchange in terms of content or price and we ask only that it is trade-able.

This will be a small group event, exchanges happening between full parties or smaller in the interest of time and efficiency. The full party members will organize their lists alphabetically beginning with a randomly determined letter so that they are all listed the same, then your party position number will be the order of play.

The player in position one will select the number of the person who’s gift he wants to open, then the person in that position trades his gift, revealing to the group in party chat what the gift is. The second player can then steal it (allowing player 1 to choose again from the remaining gifts) or choose a new gift for themselves. Gifts can only be traded three total times before they’re locked in! This continues until all (up to) eight players have received a gift, ending the exchange.

We encourage people to bring joke gifts, but we also recommend that at least some people bring truly generous prizes that people will fight over! Be as thoughtful and creative as you can be in the interest of the season!

After the gift exchange we will start the ball. This part of the event will be in character and we request that people interact as much as they feel comfortable with, dancing, conversing, playing music/performing, we will have orchestrion and stage available, as well as eating and drinking as we have a formal dining area and a bar adjacent to our dance floor. Please do your best to put together a formal glamour, as it is school-style formal dance. And bring all your favorite persistent dance emotes!

There will be a half-hour of chamber music played on the orchestrion, followed by a second half hour of rave tunes for all your /cheerjump needs!

This is the Royal Academy’s first event open to the larger Brynhildr community! Please come be a part of the beginning of something amazing that we as a Free Company are offering to you, the residents of our wonderful server, Brynhildr!


Spin that Wheel: Stabbies Clear the Shifting Sands

Hot on the tails of some Savage Chaos clears, the Stabbies decided to take some time off and try to make back some of the money that went into those pentamelds  and pots (gotta be raid ready)! They prepared for a regular round of Canals, maybe some Hidden Canals, but then got lucky with the Shifting Sands. First map opened a portal to the new treasure area, and from there they were off to the races.

After some harrowing fights and nail-biting invocation spins, our brave adventurers made it to the final stage: an Altar Diresaur. This beast summoned multiple Altar Dragons and the floor turned orange with AoEs. But the Stabbies prevailed and looted all the chests. Some housing items dropped as well as crafting mats and yet another Thieves’ Map.

All in all, it was a highly successful (and profitable) Maps Night.

See you next week, 8:30 PM CST for more maps. We’re gonna be rich!


Company Credit Contest Winners: September Edition

Hello there, everyone! Let’s see who’s getting our new title “doctorate” this month. Anyone who places monthly overall top 500 on server and anyone who is #1 in the FC on any one week can opt into this title!

Week 1:
1. Silva #134
2. Ricola #352
3. Ricmorn #493

Week 2:
1. Silva #339
2. Ricmorn #382

Week 3:
1. Kela #40
2. Silva #275
3. M’laiboli #425
4. Sukutak #429

Week 4:
1. Nine #30
2. Rynthe #135
3. Sukutak #311
4. Silva #384
5. M’laiboli #409
6. Gallen #438

September Overall:
1. Silva #170
2. Ricmorn #414
3. Nine #481

Congratulations everyone! Wear your Eorzean PhD proudly for one month and we will tally again in October. In the meantime, greed ALL of your dungeon drops and turn them in frequently to your Grand Company, let’s get our weekly and monthly rankings up again! Thanks everyone for your efforts!