A night of Chaos: Junior Varsity Raid Gets O9s Clears

Greetings Stabbies and friends of the Academy!

As some of you may know, the Academy emphasizes teaching people how to play FFXIV at all levels and encouraging them to push themselves toward even greater achievement.

In preparation for Shadowbringers this summer, we have had the members of our Varsity raid team volunteering their time to help teach players reaching endgame how to push themselves past normal mode raiding and expert roulettes and into Extreme and Savage content. Recently, Savage mode was made unlocked and given a 10% echo, so this was the perfect time to teach people to clear as the fight was less punishing and more rewarding.

At the March 29th meeting, H’unter Tia lead his group of students to victory for the first time, then they started a farm for those sweet i400 accessory drops.

Here is the log and the roster.

Congratulations! If you or someone you know has been looking to break into raiding and found the community somewhat exclusive, you are not alone. At the royal academy we strive to make all content accessible. Please join us in the future, Friday evenings at 8:30pm central.

To the Skies: Professor Silva leads the Airship club to new heights – and depths!

Hello there, Headmistress Kela there with a special news and information bulletin: all about Airships.

For those who are unaware, Free Companies can build parts, create and fly Airships on complex retainer-venture like missions and earn rare and valuable rewards for our free company, including materias, minions, blueprints for housing skins, and components for level 3 Free Company Buffs. What they do is vital to the FC, but we don’t hear much about them. Because of this, I took some time to reach out to the Professor in charge of Airships, Silva Cataracta and asked her what her group has accomplished for us, so that they can have proper recognition of their efforts.

When I handed over the Airships project to Silva, we had two airships and only about half of their available sectors unlocked – only just enough to gain the materials to create our lovely Carbuncle Walls in-house, in fact! Since that time only a few months ago, we now have four airships! Silva has the details:

We have made 2 other airships on top of the 2 that were already made for a total max of 4 airships. The HMS Wanderers Maiden and Doinky McDonkface 2 were sent out on exploratory voyages to unlock the sectors that hadn’t be unlocked yet over and over again. We were able to get almost all of the sectors unlocked, we’re missing 1 more sector that we’ve been trying to unlock for a few months now but RNG hasn’t been so nice to us. Those airships are also at the max rank of 50 and can go visit many sectors at once to bring back all sorts of things like crystals, minions, materia, etc. The other 2 airships we built are currently being leveled up, but will only be used for Diadem trips when the maxed out airships have been sent out on missions. So fair, we have made 1 set of each of the airship prototypes in the fabrication station and will be working on making specific builds in the near future for each airship for certain needs. For example, one of the maxed out airships will be used to bring back deep-green and deep-red clusters to be used in crafting grade 3 aetherial wheels. We will be crafting some extra parts when we get to that point as well for those future builds.

Here’s a map of our available sectors:

Meanwhile, Submersibles: We are very proud of our First Submersible the Pearl of the Rhotano, and also the very aptly named second Submersible: the You don’t pay my Sub! Silva reports:

REALLY similar to airships but underwater. They also have sectors that need to be unlocked through subaquatic voyages and they gain their rank ups this way too. We currently have 3 submarines built and will be building the 4th one in the near future. The Pearl of Rhotano and You Don’t Pay My Sub are maxed out at rank 50 and will be getting specialized builds, just like the airships, while the 3rd and 4th submarine get sent out to rank up. Right now, we are currently gathering materials to make the 4th prototype parts, the Slydra-Class. Once those are built, we would have built one of each of the current submarine prototypes currently in the game and can begin our specialized builds.


And our map of accessible sectors for the Submarines:

Sometimes Airships and Submersibles will return from voyages will bring back Deep Red and Deep Green specialized clusters. These are critical and our Airship team is experimenting with builds to farm them from voyages. Why are these so important? This is something every member of our Free Company should know and appreciate: they are used to spin level 3 Free Company Buffs.

You should all be familiar with the buffs being a member of our FC gets you: everyone’s favorite is Heat of Battle, which increases experience gain. The highest level buff you can purchase with credits is level 2, which for example increases exp gain for battle classes and jobs by 10%. However, by using our Aetherial Wheel located in the FC house’s kitchen and these special clusters, our crafters can create Heat of Battle III, which increases gain from 10% to 15%! Did you know our crafters have already started stockpiling these buffs for Shadowbringers so that you can hit cap faster than members of other Free Companies? If you didn’t, you should! Here’s more information:

Making grade 3 aetherial wheels is something we only recently started doing. We’ve been making Heat of Battle III and Reduce Rates III for a little while now and activating them when needed, but we also plan on making Earth and Water III, Helping Hand III, and Meat and Mead III to be used when Shadowbringers comes out. It takes 3 days for a grade 3 aetherial wheel to be primed for use, so only 2 wheels can be primed in a week. So far, we’ve started on a small stockpile of non-primed wheels (stored in slot 1 of the chest) and will be making more in between the bigger projects.

What a huge contribution Silva has made, but while she is the leader and organizer, she hasn’t been alone! Communicating through the Discord’s #crafting_and_gathering channel, she gets the help she needs for collecting materials for airship and submersible components, and people to send the vehicles out on voyages or start priming buffs, so that we’re making progress around the clock.


“Jigo has been the BIGGEST help when it’s come to these projects and consider him to be my right hand man. He sends the airships and submarines out on their missions and helps with crafting/gathering mats for all the projects along side me. He also helps me make sure that the Teamcraft lists are as accurate as possible so we don’t gather/craft extra mats. If I didn’t have his help, progress in the Workshop would have been very slow. Nade, Jamie Porter, and Ricmorn have also helped out with gathering and crafting mats here and there when they have free time.”



Well, there you have it, everyone! The bottom line is this: if you didn’t know this was going on it’s largely because Silva, Jigo, Nade, Jamie and Ricmorn have been taking on this mostly thankless job in the background while the rest of us profit from their hard work. If you run into one of our crafters online, take a second to appreciate what they do that makes this Free Company such an awesome, beneficial place for all the players involved. We couldn’t achieve what we do, without them.

From the bottom of our hearts!

Headmistress Kela and the Royal Academy Leadership Team

Save the Date: A Nymian Royal Valentione’s Day

Greetings from Brynhildr’s premier academic institution!

On behalf of the Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students of the Nymian Royal Academy I, Headmistress Kela, formally and cordially do invite you to our second-ever server-wide event: a very Valentione’s Glamour Contest!

The event will take place on Sunday the 17th of February in the year 2019 at 6:00 in the evening, Pacific time. The location is the Library of the Royal Academy Campus, located in Shirogane, ward 12, plot 7. We will be using our basement auditorium, restaurant and bar for this event. All participants, including contestants, judges and spectators, should show up promptly so that the event can start on time, but there is no need to register with us in advance. Just bring yourself on the day of and be ready to follow instructions to help the event run smoothly!

The event will feature a Glamour Fashion Walk off. There are two categories for Valentione’s day: singles and couples. Each category has it’s own theme: singles – The Bachelor(ette); couples – Yin and Yang. Contestants will line up to the side of our stage and take turns walking the stage for the spectators and judges. Screenshots will be taken and uploaded externally via Discord where a popular vote of those in attendance will take place. The winners of the popular vote (determined by most reactions of any kind), the one single and each member of the couple pair (three total) will receive 2 million gil each as a Grand Prize.

In addition, members of the Audience are invited to be guest “judges” and award prizes of their choosing to their personal favorites, even should they not win the popular vote. Judges cannot participate in the contest if they are giving out a choice prize for that category, so this is a special way for people not participating as contestants to still contribute. Judges will be invited to announce and award prizes to their choices after the fashion walk has concluded and while votes are being tallied. As with our Starlight Formal, we invite the Brynhildr community to be generous in the spirit of making the event a success.

While everyone has a chance to vote, we will be turning up the music and having another dance/rave. Bring a second glamour if you want to be comfortable while you party hard!

Any questions can be addressed to myself via Discord DM @Kela#8130, or comment on our social media postings and someone will address your concerns. Thank you so much for making our server the best in North America, and for making the Royal Academy such a positive and successful influence. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Headmistress Kekela nym Kela

Incoming Faculty: Liavelle Sailmet

Just a quick announcement that we are adding a new member to our leadership team: Liavelle Sailmet. Formerly of the Void Hounds, we are happy to incorporate Liavelle into our organizational structure so as to get some valuable insight from our VH friends who recently joined us.

Liavelle, while being a prolific member of the FFXIV community and participating in most content avidly, will have two volunteering specialties with the Free Company. First, Liavelle will be our dedicated consumable supplier for our progression raid team, and any future progression teams that may form. Our Varsity team is thrilled to welcome her services: we are broke as hell from food and potions!

In addition, for the time being Liavelle will be our go-to roleplaying event/scene coordinator. We have recently incorporated many members who made in-character content one of their passions in Eorzea. To better serve them Lia will be announcing periodic in-character scenarios that our members can opt-into, and several other players from outside the FC in the Lorekeepers RP linkshell will also be present. These events are great opportunities to interface with the greater Brynhildr population, as well as giving us fun, casual, no-stress event outlets.  The first event was held last Saturday, the theme was Campfire Stories. Five or six Stabbies were in attendance, and we met a few other players outside the FC for a relaxing night of casual improvised conversing and emoting. Please watch for the next events via Discord #rp channel or the FC Calendar, as they don’t have a regularly scheduled meeting time.

Thank you again, Stabbies. Every time we get an new professor I am reminded that when we have lots of hands on deck, we are able to offer so many opportunities to our members.

With gratitude,
Headmistress Kela

Going to the Chapel: Royal Academy leads full Alliance Orbonne Monastery clear

In the second week of Alliance Raid club, the Nymian Royal Academy hit a major milestone as a Free Company: lead a full pre-made alliance into battle. This has been a dream of the founding members and leadership since the conception of the Academy and now, in patch 4.5, is finally being realized.

The Alliance consisted of 16 Stabbies out of 24 possible members. Of the remaining eight, six were also from Brynhildr, and two found our group through cross-server party finder. The roster is as follows:


The clear of the content was smooth: four bosses and zero full party wipes. An instance that would take a duty-finder group roughly 90-120 minutes on the second week was completed in 60 minutes. Everyone received their weekly token, and several additional people were rewarded gear.

In addition, one of the players who joined us via Party Finder actually was recruited into the Free Company after the instance was cleared: welcome, Hawkeye(s Better)!

We still have even higher goals to achieve: we had 2/3’s of the alliance straight out of the FC but leadership’s new goal is to have 24/24 players be from the Nymian Royal Academy. Next week we are staging another attempt at 8:15pm Central Standard time, Sunday January 27th.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to the wider Brynhildr community for joining us and helping us make this evening a success. Please continue to look for our shouts, party finders and announcements on Social Media, including the Brynhildr facebook group.