Message from the Headmistress

Good evening everyone from Headmistress Silva!

First off, I want to welcome back all the members who are returning from their breaks from the game! We’re happy to have you all back in time for patch 5.2. and please feel free to ask for help if you need to catch up in of the current content.

I also want to say thank you for being patient while the change in leadership was taking place and the current faculty was getting things figured out for the upcoming patch! I’m happy to announce that we have the schedule for 5.2 figured out and are adding two current members to the faculty staff as they have volunteered to pick up one of our Clubs: Ricola and Mika Telsa! They will be picking up and running Normal/Alliance Raids (which ever one is currently appropriate for said Patch).

Starting on February 18th, the new Club Schedule will be in effect and the FC Calendar have been updated to reflect the new updates. Here is what we will be offering at the start of 5.2.

Tusedays: EX Primal Club with Mana Akagane as Leader from 8pm CST – 10pm CST
Wednesdays: Normal/Alliance Raids with Ricola and Mika Tesla as Leaders from 8pm CST – 10pm CST
Thursdays: Treasure Maps with Silva Cataracta as Leader from 8pm CST – 10pm CST

I would like to note that we may add another Club or two soon, but I will make another announcement for those if they get added! I also didn’t add any Clubs to run during the weekend, so if you missed out on something during the week to please feel free to get a group together via the Discord or FC chat to run content!

If anyone has any questions, please ask away in the #questions_and_requests channel of the Discord and someone will get to you as soon as they can! We hope that you are looking forward to the revamped Club Schedule and everything that Patch 5.2 has to offer!

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