Down to business: Free Company Schedule for Shadowbringers

Hello there Stabbies!

Firstly, WELCOME to all our new members. Many saw my comments on thread in the FFXIV: Brynhildr Facebook Group, and others found my very surprisingly popular and highly upvoted recruitment on Reddit. However you found us, we are so grateful you chose us. You have a lot of options on Brynhildr and many of them very good. It’s a special privilege to be given your trust, we will do our best to honor the faith you have in us in Shadowbringers.

While I have your attention let me briefly advise those players totally new to the game to not rush through the content in order to access Shadowbringers endgame. There are hours of main story to unlock and 70 levels between the start of A Realm Reborn and Shadowbringers. Rushing through it will induce burnout and make you dislike the game. Take the content at a healthy pace and enjoy it for what it is, and when you get to endgame the Free Company will help you catch up to be raid-ready in 5.2 when the next raid cycle begins. In the meantime, any time you need a roulette or a dungeon to progress the story, please mention it in /fc chat and people will hop in to get you into the content and around the queue right away, which will make chewing through that content much easier. We can’t help if we don’t know you need it though, so please don’t hesitate to speak up: you are not a burden, we LOVE to help new players!

Now, since we have many new people I have decided to put the schedule in a permanent place where anyone can see it, reference it, or link to it.

Starting Friday June 28th all normal events, activities, clubs and team meetings are hereby suspended until 5.05 (July 30th). The rationale behind this is we want people to experience the main scenario, much of which is single-player content, without feeling pressure to break away from something they’re enjoying to do something else with the Free Company.

There will be a very quick all-FC photo opportunity on 6/28 and 7/2 at 8:30pm Central Time. It’s optional if you’re enjoying what you’re doing no need to come, but we will have record numbers of players on early access and launch day so it’ll be a good opportunity to get as many people as possible for a promotional picture. If possible, wear an academic-looking outfit in Marsh Green, or the uniform. If neither are possible, please come regardless of what you’re wearing!

From the period of June 28th to July 16th, we will have no official meetings, however we will be constantly, all-day organizing events in /fc chat, roulettes, virgin runs of new dungeons/msq instances and trials, farms for exp, gear, etc. In the evenings we will have learning/teaching runs of Titania Extreme and Innocence Extreme running. They will be advertised in the discord but they will not be scheduled in advance as such things largely depend on how long it takes people to access that content.

On the evening of Tuesday, July 16th we will have a three-hour meeting starting at 8pm Central time that will be blind + cutscene runs of the Eden raid, story mode. We will prolly take multiple groups. This will require players to be level 80 and finished with the 5.0 Main Scenario, so if you plan to come to this please progress through 5.0 with that timeline in mind. Please have the first instance of the raid in your Duty Finder in advance of the meeting time. In addition, it is important for those raiding Savage to clear this raid before 7/23 or you will be locked out of a weeks worth of rewards and potential ilvl gains.

The week of 7/23-7/30 we will be hosting the first ever All-Crystal Raiding Symposium: more details of that particular week’s schedule to follow, but it will include a short lecture series and teaching parties for Titania Ex and Innocence Ex – again, you must be level 80 to participate in the teaching content.

The launch of the Savage Raid is Tuesday, July 30th. At that time the weekly recurring schedule will resume. We will have two Varsity savage raids raiding each two nights, and between them we will have 1) extreme primal mount farms 2) maps 3) story mode raid farm 4) FATEs for exp and local area rewards 5) PvP for Garo + exp 6) Junior-Varsity teaching raid and potentially even more offerings. The schedule for that date is still being worked out but it will feature these events, so please look forward to that.

If you have any questions, you can comment here, or in the #news_and_events channel of the discord. We hope you are looking forward to our Stormblood offerings as much as we are!

Headmistress Kela

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