A Farewell to Arms: Stormblood in Review

Hello there, Stabbies.

Headmistress Kela here to thank you for the wonderful expansion and to remind everyone of what we’ve accomplished in the time that’s passed.

When Stormblood launched two years ago, we had a Free Company of roughly 100 people, maximum number of people online at any time was only 24. We had a medium house in the Goblet, had just launched the website, and had a club meeting schedule that included only Palace of the Dead and Maps, with the occasional synced Bahamut group. We had one player who had serious savage experience: me.

We upgraded our house to a large when Shirogane was added, and we have since added several nearby houses belonging to individual members.

Our website is still here, but the discord is super active with hundreds of members and dozens online at a time. Calendar has included all manner of events, such as savage raid, learning raid, alliance raid, ex primals, maps, deep dungeon, pvp, crafting, triple triad, role-playing and more.

We now have over 200 members with 40-50 unique users logging in daily.

Our savage team for this tier has represented us to Brynhildr fantastically:
HERE is the ranking summary for all our members.
In particular, (By All-Star points for the whole tier):
#1 in Static Speed on Brynhildr
#2 in Static Execution on Brynhildr
#5 in Static Speed for Crystal Data Center
#5 in Static Execution for Crystal Data Center
#1 in Combined Healer Damage on Brynhildr (Kekela Kela & H’unter Tia)
#3 in Combined Healer Damage for Crystal Data CenterĀ (Kekela Kela & H’unter Tia)
#1 Astrologian Damage on Brynhildr (H’unter Tia)
#1 Bard Damage on Brynhildr (Maximillion Lionheart)
#3 Bard Damage on Brynhildr (Mana Akagane)
#1 Dark Knight Damage on Brynhildr (Sukutak Amasawa)
#10 Dragoon Damage on Brynhildr (M’laiboli Fhey – thank you for raiding with us as much as you were able!)
#2 Ninja Damage on Brynhildr (C’rhys Tia)
#3 Paladin Damage on Brynhildr (Ricola Tesla)
#1 Scholar Damage on Brynhildr (Kekela Kela)
#1 Summoner Damage on Brynhildr (Mika Tesla)
#3 White Mage Damage on Brynhildr (C’rhys Tia)
#1 Healer on Brynhildr (Kekela Kela)
#2 Scholar Damage on Crystal Data Center (Kekela Kela)

Honestly what I’m most proud of about raiding this tier is how many people we were able to teach Chaos and even a handful that learned Midgardsormr, and how their player skill was impacted by their exposure to higher-difficulty content and their willingness to try something new! Congratulations: Genesis Nebul, Louisoix Belanger, Ponyo Amasawa, Kekechuri Hohochuri, Korodi Nikodi, Kaido Nihil, Nadezhda Kris, Solidus Obscura, F’yo Tia, Cherry Flyaway, Udal Stark.

In addition, at the start of the expansion we had no ability to put together an all-FC team, not only do we have one, but in 5.05 we will have TWO. Please look forward to it!

We have multiple submersibles and airships with optimal upgrades and have unlocked all sectors of exploration, as well as purchased the rights to build all housing skins. We have multiple endgame crafters and gatherers that work tirelessly to ensure everyone has access to housing items, glamour gear, raiding gear, food, potions, bardings and other achievement items. They have also provided us with spun buffs for added bonuses and benefit.


In the coming days please look forward to: Savage Static Roster Announcement, Calendar Announcements, Leadership Draft, and the schedule for our first EVER All-Crystal Raiding Symposium for helping new raiders break into the scene.

Thank you to our Stabbies for all of our contributions and hard work – none of this is possible without your dedication and cooperation. You earned every one of these accolades. We love you all! Become what you must!

Headmistress Kela
The Leadership Team
All of us at the Nymian Royal Academy

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