A night of Chaos: Junior Varsity Raid Gets O9s Clears

Greetings Stabbies and friends of the Academy!

As some of you may know, the Academy emphasizes teaching people how to play FFXIV at all levels and encouraging them to push themselves toward even greater achievement.

In preparation for Shadowbringers this summer, we have had the members of our Varsity raid team volunteering their time to help teach players reaching endgame how to push themselves past normal mode raiding and expert roulettes and into Extreme and Savage content. Recently, Savage mode was made unlocked and given a 10% echo, so this was the perfect time to teach people to clear as the fight was less punishing and more rewarding.

At the March 29th meeting, H’unter Tia lead his group of students to victory for the first time, then they started a farm for those sweet i400 accessory drops.

Here is the log and the roster.

Congratulations! If you or someone you know has been looking to break into raiding and found the community somewhat exclusive, you are not alone. At the royal academy we strive to make all content accessible. Please join us in the future, Friday evenings at 8:30pm central.

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