Company Credit Contest Winners for January 2018

Hello everyone, Headmistress Kela here and it’s time to announce the top Credit earners for the first month of the year!

Reminder: #1 earners each week will be elevated to the rank of Eorzean PhD. Anyone who ranks in the top 500 credit earners on Brynhildr for the whole month can choose one glamour item provided free of charge by the Free Company!

Without further ado,

Weekly Winners:

Faelen 297
Gallen 393
Aris 455

Belladona 171
Gallen 399

Belladona 79
Anna 191
Niamh 399
Sukutak 467

Aris 66
Belladona 95
Anna 210
Korodi 216
Sukutak 226
Gallen 463

Monthly Winners:

Belladona 82
Gallen 344
Aris 346
Korodi 471

Congratulations! Monthly Winners should contact Kela via mogmail with their glamour request* and ranks will be updated tonight. Thank you for your participation, as high Credit generation allows us to rank on the front page of FCs on Brynhildr every month! You all make the FC great!

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