Welcome to the website home of the Nymian Royal Academy, one of the highest ranked Free Companies (FC) on Brynhildr!  We aim to acclimate new players to the complexities of Eorzea as well as offer enriching experiences for more veteran members.


We have an exclusive multi-house campus in stunning Shirogane ward 12.  Our FC mansion is located on plot 7 and is notable for the brightly colored carbuncle walls.  Inside, we have a library, auditorium, classrooms, and ballroom dance floor. We periodically host Brynhildr-wide events at our FC mansion. 

Many other FC members have purchased homes nearby and often keep permissions open for members to use. Some are similarly academically themed; others are more personally decorated.  We invite you to come explore our corner of the neighborhood!

 Academy Extracurriculars

What’s your passion? It’s easy to get involved in whatever content sparks joy with our member-led Clubs, which host meetings on a regular basis. Our Extreme Primal and Raiding clubs help new members get their feet wet with end-game content as well as help veteran members achieve their weekly clears. And don’t worry if end-game isn’t for you – we have a host of other activities on a scheduled or pick-up basis like Maps, crafting/gathering, and deep dungeons. Our Discord and shared event calendar help keep everyone up to date with the latest Royal Academy undertakings.